Extreme Production has assembled several shows that we are proud to produce and operate. These shows cover a wide range of diversity from serious Educational shows to straight up just for fun entertainment.

Stop Popping Project

Our premier Educational show is the Stop Popping Foundations show the Stop Popping Project. This show is a serious look at the Prescription meds and opiate addiction problem that is spreading like wild fire through the United States and Canada.

The Show is a 1 hour plus multimedia presentation aimed at today’s youth to instill in them the seriousness of Prescription Drug Abuse. Its based on testimonials from Pill addiction survivors and victims with only months to live. We will include both celebrities and every day Americans who have fallen to this addiction proving that no one is immune to being a victim of addiction.

This is a fact filled, hard hitting, in your face presentation, hosted by a staff comprised of persons who have lost friends and family to this National Tragedy. Some of the images are medically graphic and could be upsetting to younger or sheltered viewers, but is necessary to show the real dangers of this abuse.

This show will be on the road, traveling in your region, bringing your company image along side the shows message to nearly 1 million people a year in the Jr & Sr High Schools, Colleges and Universities as well as corporate events.

Fun Country Park

Spend quality time with your whole family, friends, and office mates in Fun Country Park. Our entertaining adventure park in Texarkana, Texas, has go-karting races, a rock wall climbing competition, and a fun game of miniature golf among other fun activities. With us, you don’t need to pay exorbitant prices for crowded theme parks with long lines. Our facility’s atmosphere is tremendously enjoyable with rides and attractions that require little wait. Having been in operation for more than 5 years, we provide you with a place where you can relax and have fun away from your worries.

Fun 1’s Rentals

We are a fully insured, Texas-based entertainment company with events all over the country, all throughout the year. We operate both Full scale Carnival rides as well as home party inflatable rentals. Our main business is bringing fun and trills to all who attend, but we can provide your small business or home party with an event your guests will talk about for months.

When it comes to inflatables we own all the equipment, so you pay the lowest prices out there for a professionally insured amusement. Dont let the uninsured operators place you and your event at risk by trying to save a few bucks. We are fully licensed, Bonded and insured to protect your interests while providing you and your guest a fun and safe entertainment experience.

Our service is extraordinary as we give you the small business attitude with the big business satisfaction. We are full entertainers and amusement operators, not hobbyists or casual weekend enthusiasts, so your event will run smoothly just as you would expect it to.

KO Sports TV

Extreme Production production runs and operated KO Sports TV, a Sports only TV Network with Sports Specific Channels so you can watch the sports you want without needing to watch things to dont want to.

Like MMA? We have several MMA channels for you to chose from, so you can get you fix of MMA without needing to watch that Canadian Curling or a Poker Tournament. But if you do like Curling or Poker we have a channel for you as well.

Our sister company Extreme Sports Cinematography can film your event and broadcast it on our Sport Specific channel along with hundreds of other sports programming choices.