We at Extreme Production are proud to be your full service production company. Weather you need a sound system, lighting, staging, rings, cages or ticketing systems and service, we have you covered.

We carry what your event need from a small sound system for a private party or an arena full we can handle your needs. We carry QSC and Behringer self powered speakers and subs. Mixers and mics both corded and wireless will cover your every need. You show us your venue and we will fill it with sound.

Need a spot or strobes, how about black lights or programmable or even lasers we can illuminate your event or venue in what ever mood lighting your event needs. We have complete trussing systems and controllers to make your event truly shine.

Now, if your team is putting on a special event where you need a stage, a fight cage or or a wrestling or boxing ring, you came to the right place. We specialize in setting up fight and music events and can provide everything your event needs. We can even arrange for your event to be filmed and broadcast on our own private sports Television Network (KO SPORTS TV)

Once you have your event set up planned, we can help you fill your seats with our complete custom ticketing system. From selling your tickets online with a Facebook and Twitter share button or your receipt so your guests can share that they are going.

We can even help you pay for your event with our long list of national companies looking to further their brand recognition or help you gather local event sponsors to make your event happen in style. Contact us for details.